Despite not being a daily active user, I like Reddit a lot. I subscribed to lots of subreddits to watch for high quality articles, pictures, and browsing constructive comments and debates.

One of my favorate subreddit there is ELI5: Explain Like I am 5-year-old. Although I don’t believe a lot of 5-year-old ask those questions because their parents may limit their screen time.

Why I like it?

Firstly, Thanks to this concept, I can find great answers to understand things I didn’t understand, and by digging into the comments I can follow my (still existing) curiosity to learn interesting new knowledge. There was once a time that someone asked why Germany was called “Germany” in English and I killed a lot of my time following all those discussions from Deutschland/Allemagne to Japan/Nippon/Nihon. I also tried to contribute a bit, and posted my first Reddit comment there.

Secondly, I have a 5-year-old myself, so I explain something to a 5-year-old almost on daily basis. People said that no matter how kind you are, 5-year-olds are kinder. So people invented kindergarten to burn their energy and fulfill their curiosity. Curiosity leads to lot of questions, so I have to explain what I do as a software engineer, explain how YouTube magically displays her favorite cartoons, explain why some traffic lights cannot work nearby, and discuss with her how to mitigate the problem.


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