About author

I was born in Yinchuan, China. I have lived in Yinchuan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Pittsburgh, San Francisco Bay Area(Foster City in particular) and I frequently visit New York City. I like reading, travelling and coding. I like reading maps in particular.

I am a software engineer at Facebook. Here I together with my team successfully migrated all Messenger data from HBase to MyRocks. Facebook is a great company, here I have learned a lot and still keep learning.

I’m a husband and a father of two.

About this blog

This is my personal blog. I write about what I am interested in. All posts are original. I do serious fact checks for all I am writing: depend on reliable sources, cross check the facts, and use my independent thinking and judgement.

Technical implementation

This blog is powered by Jekyll, deployed on GitHub Pages. This setting enables me to naturally write posts just like coding. I can focus on writing new posts and updating existing posts, Git helps me to keep track of the edit history. I unpublished posts before 2012, because old posts are like legacy code: they are hard to maintain, I republish them once I refactored.

How do I write

I write in both English and Chinese, most posts are written in Chinese because that’s my native language. I make decision about in which language I write in this order:

  1. Can I better express my authentic opinion?
  2. Can I write fast enough to post it quickly?
  3. Can I make an bigger impact?

For now, Chinese is usually the answer. It may or may not change over time.

I am using plain language instead of beautifying my words, to make it easy to understand my ideas and move fast. Words are methods, not destiny.

Sharing my work

All posts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. So since you indicate the source and author of the posts, you are free to share and modify my work, even for commercial use. If you are familiar with GitHub, you will find it quite similar to forking other’s reporsitory.

The easiest way to share is to send the link. On apps/websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Messenger, Twitter, they will auto-generate a “preview” of the post.

Contact Me

No matter you find my work useful or not, it’s always preferred you can leave your comments after the posts. Commenting is empowered by Disqus. I hope by engaging discussion we can start rather than terminate the conversation.

This blog is not for profit, no ads or sponsored posts here. If you like my posts and willing to donate, I greatly appreciate that. This is my PayPal account. Also you are very welcome to help telling your friend about my blog.

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