Back to QCon: Day 2

The second day of this QCon is still full of joy and learning.

One speech I would highlight is from Jessica Tai, a software engineer from Airbnb, talking about their ongoing migration from “Monorail”, a monolithic system to Service-Oriented. Details here. I find many methodologies they used are similar to what we have done while migrating from HBase to MyRocks: double-read, double-write, monitor very carefully. It’s also amazing that it’s her first public talk.

image I was one of the 824

The other one is “Community Centered Tech for Social Good”, given by Sri Ponnada, a software engineer from Microsoft. She helped Seattle Park Foundation, a non-profit to build a mobile app to build social value. Details here. People who work in tech industry can really give back more to the community by leverage their relevant skills, and this is a great example for us to learn. I asked her how to make her work sustainable, and I am helping to spread the words as well.


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