Back to QCon: Day 1

While I am writing this blog, it’s actually Day 2 of QCon. When I post it now, it’s Day 3.

This year the conference treats me differently: as conference alumni I got a T-shirt. That’s a hint that I need to attend it differently too.

I spend more time talking to people. I exchange ideas on specific technologies with others, I talk and ask about how to improve some soft skills in a group, I also just learn what people are doing and tell people what I am doing, to find common interests and grounds.

image This is the output of an open space discussion among peers about how do we build soft skills

I went to a sponsored talk. That one is about unit tests and it’s actually good. They gave good tips of how to have better test coverage (which they say their product will help a lot of course) in general.

I want to learn more about topics across boundary so I went to listen “Incrementally Refactoring Your Habit With Psychology”. It’s given by Tilde Thurium, a Software Engineer from Github. Based on Psychology researches she gave several useful tips: Social Accountability; If/Else Plans; Rewards; Repetition; Reminders.

I will post more resources later but I post about Day 1 for now to move fast. Stay tuned, 2 more days ahead, I will continue this series.


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