Diary more, Blog less

This year, I picked up one habit from my childhood: writing diary.

When I was an elementary school student, my literacy teacher asked (or forced) us to write diary, to practice writing. I kept that habit for some years until I gradually lost the time to write one daily(in order to prepare for important exams). I don’t even have access to my old diary books right now: they must be locked somewhere at my parents’ home.

Now I write diaries to keep my memory: remember what happened on a certain day, keep record of random thoughts.

What I rely on is simply my computer with a handy text editor: the text editor has Markdown support so that I can quickly do basic formatting. Then I irregularly run some git command for source control (but I don’t upload them to GitHub), and frequently backup them on some encrypted Cloud storage.

Without the intention to publish them, I post less blogs now, but I actually write more at mean time, because I am now comfortable writing whatever I want to write.



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